Welcome to my new site! Trying something out of my comfort zone!

I am introvertedly human. Yes, my word to describe how I think, act, and think. Yes, and I am proud to be so much so! I hope others who struggle to find their place in a society that seems to be going too fast and not make time for those who don’t (or rather not).pop out in a crowd. We too have thoughts, we too like to laugh, and party, and travel  (in 0 to one digit numbers). We too believe in God, but find it hard to place ourselves in large groups because of that thing called anxiety and fear of shaking someone hand too soon or.not fast enough, or we is the right time? Dating is whole other animal and if we are already married, well, we might love our SOs too death or be okay of we didn’t see them for a couple of days, weeks, meh.

So to all who read my blog, I hope this speaks to your spirit and that it helps you to feel less alone in this big world.