Where Have All the Children Gone?

Last night on the phone with my friend, we started talking about the things we loved as children. Looking forward to Friday night sitcoms on ABC and laughing along with Saturday morning cartoons until noon, ending with Soul Train. How we used to play outside: double-dutch,  riding bikes, jacks, etc. After laughing and feeling good about the nostalgia, I commented that children of today don’t know what it was like to just be a kid back then. Growing up in the 90’s was interesting, we were at the cusp of being kids and mature young adults by expressing ourselves with clothing and music. We still “played” but knew when to turn off the antics and act accordingly. Children now, not at all. They are constantly in “warrior mode” with all the fighting and jealousy now resorting to murder. Cyber bullying and broadcasts of torture and suicides live on FB!!! Father God, I wonder about this topic often, now that I’m a mother. How will my son turn out? Will he be respectful and thoughtful  or will he lash out in anger or selfishness? I pray to God all the time asking me and my husband to help us in  raising our son in the right way because these days are getting scarier by the minute. The media has so much time to post the most sad and awful stories about children who are essentially lashing out on their peers, innocent children and even their parents. We feared our parents wrath and didn’t want to upset them but now it seems that parents are now scared of their children- and rightfully so. So what do we do? Prayer, yes but what else? Alot of meditation, yes. But we have to be active in their lives. We have to show them that we care by being parents: go to recitals, help them with homework (even if it’s that dreadful Core Math lol) , etc. There are so many new age parents out there who have new ideas on raising children  and it seems they are so steadfast on showing others their technique works, that it stops being about what the child needs. Their techniques aren’t  gospel, this is “Correct your son and he will comfort you; he will also delight your soul” (Prov 29:17 ISV). We can’t be standoffish with our children, we have to be present and knowing and understanding. When a rebuke is needed, we have to do it. So look at your child and ask yourself what do you see? And if you see that your child is headed for greatness then fantastic; but if you see one who is negative and melancholy, then pray hard and often. Help change their view of their world by introducing them to God and His Greatness and just be ready and able to listen to their voice when they have questions. board-games


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