When The Holy Spirit Calls…

​As I got up today, I was anticipating the joy of being able to grocery shop without causing a financial meltdown. Before piling into the  car, I ran back in the house to grab a long sleeved shirt for my son (because it’s artic chill in the store and the polar bears are clubbin’ lol) and as I was running back to the car, a thought hit me. An senior  neighbor who me and my son see on occasion, came into my vision. I’m like, why? The thought and his face wouldn’t leave. Another thought popped in and said “soup”. I know the store had a sale on soup but was I supposed to buy it for that elderly neighbor?

        As the trip to my husband’s job ensued the thought of this man and soup kept up strongly; then I knew it was what I had to do. I spoke to God and said “ok, I’ll get the soup and a a french bread loaf too”. You got to have thick bread and soup, that’s a meal in itself. We made itto the store and I got the soup and bread. I got home and unloaded and then I told.my son we were going to drop it off, but I said “I hope he’s home”. As soon as we made it out of building’s breezeway, we saw the man walking his Westie!! I was shocked but similarly I knew what time it was. 

     As we walked up to him, he said hello and I said “this is so funny, but you are who I was looking for.” He chuckled          (who wouldn’t when someone you barely knows says something like that) and I told him about our shopping excursion and he said “thank you”, chuckling some more. We exchanged names and he met my son and tried to make him laugh(my son is observant first and laughs later, my trait), but we talked for about 15 minutes or so. I found out so much about this man’s life, (his cancer is in remission for his cancer is in remission for 4 years and the doctor gave him 6 weeks to live, he’s a widower but with many grand and great-grandchildren, etc) and I shared mine. It was so awesome. We walked him back to his apartment and he gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek, thanking me again. I in turn, thanked him. We parted ways and I was so overjoyed in what I was asked to do that I frantically thanked God and then called my husband.

         The power of the Holy Spirit is real, people! It’s strong and it’s beautiful! Since being home, I receive messages from Heaven  more clearly than I did when I was running around stressing. The Holy Spirit put this neighbor on my heart for a reason and wouldn’t relent until I did something. It even made way for us to actually cross paths at the right time. I was scared to death(my anxiety of meeting people is strange sometimes) because I thought he would take offense to my buying him food. (Let’s face it, in these times, people don’t trust anymore. So folks will cuss you out for a nice gesture). So when I went out to meet him, the Holy Spirit took away my anxiety and I found myself talking to him as if I’ve known him forever. I am still riding off the “high of the spirit” and it’s wondeful. 

     Hebrews 13:16 NIV says “And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased”.  Like in my previous post about our tight finances, this would normally be an undoable feat but today was different, this was a sacrifice that was amplified by God. We had the extra and was able to help a neighbor. My neighbor explained that he, like many seniors, is living off his pension and social security but implied there are tough times on occasion. I told him I totally understood because we are going through the same thing, having to adapt to a new way of finances and support. God made it possible for me to help and spread just a little of His Grace and Goodness to someone. And I would do it again!


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