Praying for Passersby 

​     The other day, I made a decision for my son and I to walk to Walmart, not for leisure. Its not far only a 15 minute walk, but with the Florida sun, a 73 degrees can easily feel like 80. As we walked, the sun beating down on me and sweat profusely running like water, I prayed for a cool breeze; one came and it was joyous. Then as we were making it to the corner, I stopped. I thought to myself “if I’m feeling like this and hadn’t even made the corner yet, then when I get to the store…?” I prayed for God to give me strength to keep going and as we rounded the corner I prayed again for Him to make my feet like deer’s feet to finish the task. As I pushed, I ran into a young man passing by. I’ve seen him before but today we actually crossed paths, exchanging smiles of hello. I didn’t know where he was headed but I prayed that God guide him on whatever  journey he was going. 

       Me and the baby made it to the strip plaza, and as we were coming up the small pathway, we came across a young lady sitting in front of Petco. She looked sort of sad. Looking down as I passed by, I  noticed her nose was heavily scarred and she was trying to cover it up. I walked by not wanting to embarrass her by noticing her nose. Finishing our business at the store, we were walking back and noticed she was still there. I watched a couple notice her sitting there and walk by just I did. But as I made it by her again, I stopped. I asked her if she was okay. And she looked up as if not expecting anyone to ask her anything. She told me yes, but that look of sadness told me otherwise. I asked if she was sure to which she divulged part of a story. From what I could make out, she kept going to the bathroom and I think Petco told her to go home for the day. I asked her if she had a ride and she said someone was coming to get her but I told her that I was sorry for how things turned out for her and to take care and she thanked me. 

    As I pushed the stroller back toward home I said a prayer for that young lady. I didn’t know what she was going through but I asked God to lift her up and to heal her nose and any other afflictions she may have had. I prayed fervently in intervention for her because she seemed so sad. 

    When people watching and you notice someone is down, do you find yourself praying for them? Intervening for someone we don’t know without them telling us, is a gracious concept.  During these times of unbelief ,usually when you tell someone that you have prayed or are praying for them, they toss it to the wind. Sometimes it’s best to not let them know, just do it. This type of prayer can also be that catalyst for changing a person’s situation for the better. Heavenly Father already knows our struggles, pains, and worries but as Christians we should notice it or at least feel it as we walk by one another each day. And when you know you’ve just prayed for someone, a warmth of fuzziness engulfs you like you did a good deed. Praying for passersby is  powerful because it is our spirit trying to communicate and petition on a Heavenly level with others who need it.  We don’t have to know the details of what that person needs, and the why and how; we just have to do it and be sincere. 


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