When Making That Heavenly Phonecall…

​This morning as I was talking to God about my anticipations of the day, I realized that prayer is such a wonderful thing. I thought back to a devotional passage I read last night. It talked about establishing a prayer life. The reading started out saying that prayer could be “elaborate and formal, requiring only simple words about your heart’s concerns”. But my question is, does it really?

     As I pray, I talk to God as if He is physically standing in the room. I talk to Him on a personal level as if I’m talking to my earthly father. So am I wrong? I mean He is our Father, so we should talk to Him as a son or daughter would. If we say the ready made prayers that are in Scripture, I believe those are guidelines but He wants us to say what’s on our heart. 

          Many people say that when you address God, you have to be formal. But I believe it depends on the foundation of you and He’s relationship. Some call Him Papa, others call Him Abba, I call Him Heavenly Father or Father God, it doesn’t matter the title but as long as He hears from you. He likes to hear from His Children. And if you can’t make your petitions in short words or 5 minutes or less, I don’t think He minds. His Love for us is so abundant and so complete that He doesn’t care if we get winded because He can filter out the “meat and potatoes”. 

         I love talking to Heavenly Father because I know He’s there listening and most of the time-laughing at my idiosyncrasies, but I know I can’t get my day together until I talk to Him. 


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