Resting in His Presence Feels Like…

  • ​Laying in a meadow feeling the warm sun on your skin and a springtime breeze wafting through the flowers.
  • The “just-right” feeling you get when nestling in your niche embedded into the mattress after a hard day’s work.
  • Knowing that today may not be what I wanted it to be, and that’s okay.
  • Looking into the eyes of a child and wondering what they’re thinking at that moment. 
  • A warm hug.
  • Putting your feet up on a relaxing cushion after standing up for hours.
  • A piece of your favorite cake flavor.
  • Puppies (or kittens).

A new love that feels like an old love.
Resting in His Presence is anything good, anything that can illicit warmth, security, and unabiding love. It stands the test of time.


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