Being True to Oneself in Spiritual Art

​Five weeks ago, I wrote a piece on how music can inspire you on a spiritual level. The song I discussed was Tennessee by Arrested Development and how it took me to a new understanding of its lyrics and inspired me to break out of my comfort zone.  Well today I was introduced to another song that inspired an artist and gave me a new found respect for that artist. The song is called Quarrels by Amil.

I didn’t listen to the song, but read the lyrics and they were very poignant. Very contrast to her persona as “sex-pot”, “gangsta-boo” in the videos, rapping a hook that was seconds long in her signature baby voice. I wasn’t a fan of hers back in the 90’s but this song Quarrels paints a different picture of this woman. Her depiction shows how she was drawn to a man who gave her the world but at a very expensive cost- her dignity. The message of “little girl lost” is all too common within the hood for many women, but Amil does something different, she then flips the man into a more sinister being- the antithesis. She rhymes how he “wants her kids to write Santa and celebrate Halloween”, “loves the number 6 and hates the number 13”, how he “is gonna rule the nations under one religion” and “built Sodom and Gomorrah for us to live in”.   
Amil realizes that they had “fun” times but she wasn’t happy and suffered on a spiritual level. Her revealed truth mimics Matthew 16:26. “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?”

Her album title is All Money is Legal, an acronym for her name. The title summarizes about profit at any cost and that any monetary gain was legal. But in this particular song she literally points out that it isn’t and is aware of its consequences once idolized. Morally, she knows that fast money isn’t the path to happiness but unfortunately in the ‘hood, that’s what her peers can relate and find hope in. Why does her lyrics for this song reflect deeply on a spiritual level? The answer: Amil is a member of the Black Hebrew Israelites. A religious sect of African Americans who consider themselves to be direct descendants of the early Israelites. Although each sect varies in dogma and practices, they follow the teachings of the Living God, the great I AM.

Amil’s lyrics reflect her spirituality and strength in her beliefs. She recognizes that earthly desires are daily struggles and when the truth is revealed, she backed away from her idol. 
I appreciate reading her lyrics and finding out who Amil really is on a different level. This shows that God is everywhere even in the most unexpected places. 


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