How True Are Those FB Quizzes And How Do They Relate to Introvertism?

I took one of those FB quizzes. You know the ones that say “What art genre would your psyche be in?” Or “What Greek god/goddess are you?” Some of the titles are absurd, but when you answer the 29 multiplease choice questions, they seem pretty acurate.  I know it’s all algorithms and analyzing your profile, but if you truly KNOW yourself, and not THINK you do, then the answers do reflect your personality.

The one I took today was “What Art Genre Would Your Psyche Be?” After the rigorous questions, and really putting deep thought into my answers, I was categorized as Impressionism. Light, pastels, waterpaints, I can dig it. Another I took was “What Does The Way You See Color Say About You?” Random questions showcasing color palletes and what is the closest color it relates.  I was categorized as an optimist, to which I also agree. So all in all, I am light, free, flowy and see things on the bright side. Which is a good thing.

As an introvert, I like to look at things and study them, and wonder; be it nature, a picture, or a person. I try to see what’s inside and understand its purpose and relate if possible. As an adolescent, I didn’t know that my personality type was a “gift”. Feeling awkward or shy in large crowds or in school to me felt like a hinderance. My childhood was a little stressful with family issues between my parents so I read alot, became easily lost in music, or wrote alot and at times shut out the world for at least a week. Optimism was the farthest thing from my mind but I have learned to look on the brighter side of things since having accepted Christ into my life. With prayer and reflection, I was able to tap into my gift of introversion. I learned to listen for God’s Voice and ask Him for revelation. But because of imtroversion, its easy to become distracted by my own thoughts and then everything gets tuned out. It’s a process and can be worked on, I’m working on it.

Ino version is not a hinderance and can be used for good. Some are more enclosed within themselves than others and it will take them time to overcome. But for those who want to tap into their gift, it’s a process and takes time as well, but the first start is accepting the gift.

So when you take those FB quizzes, use them to help you discern your good traits and work on bringing them out, not surpressing them. They aren’t Gospel, but it helps in guiding you in the right direction, in my opinion. 


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