Give Credit Where Credit is Due or Be Nice And Not Make Fun

Being #introvertedlyhuman prompts me to think like the game six degrees of separation, things seems to not have a connection but it eventually does lol. Hence this case: Today, I was reading one of those sponsored articles on FB called “6 Scientific Facts About the Origins of Europeans”, and was once again fascinated by the comments. Many commented on what they believe, ranging from “the we are all human and race shouldn’t matter” collectives to the “God theorists” and then to the mash up of those who try to combine God and Science and fail miserably. I have contemplated conversations on race and me being #introvertedlyhuman decline to comment because I don’t have the energy to argue with some folks! As a Christian, I acknowledge and find some truth in our narratives of how the earth and peoples came to be but a part of me knows that this is how early people deduced the beginning times.  Some take it more seriously than others and can become narrow-minded in real life viewpoints, which can be dangerous because it keeps the blinders over their eyes. It says in scripture, that we are to seek His Face for ourselves with all our hearts, (Ps27:8) which means that He wants us to study and ask questions. So where do nonbelivers get the notion that ALL Christians are narrow-minded? And dont care about others viewpoints? 

I, for one, value others viewpoints but what I have a problem with is how people who don’t take any stock in scripture or God’s Presence laugh and degrade those who do. It’s childish and rude. There’s no need to laugh or call us names. Our faith guides our decision making and our knowledge through the scriptures is what gives our philosophy. Yes, some can distort and exploit the readings for their own sick ideologies but ALL of us don’t do that.  I find sharing a scripture for reference is another way to look at a subject, a viewpoint. 

Why is it so easy to not believe that their is a God when many times God has prevailed as The Answer? People who have woken up from years long comas, women who have struggled with fertility issues, going broke on treatments to only end up pregnant one day naturally , or cancer survivors who were deemed on the last leg and suddenly were in and remained in remission or it vanishes altogether? Actors who have struggled to get into their craft to suddenly blowup in the spotlight? Ive read comments of famous actors who say “my hardwork got me where I am.” But I ask who set certain people and events in place to guide you to where you are? Having read somewhere that the opposition will set up good things too, we have to know how to discern where the “gift” is coming and know how to use it for good. So I keep the aforementioned notion handy at all times. But nonbelievers scoff at there being an opposition too, sigh.

In this day an age, people don’t want to give God credit for anything, instead when someone praises His Name, they are called “stupid”  ingnorant”, or  just plain “stupid”. Not all answers are going to be supported with visible evidence, so what’s wrong with faith as the answer? Some instantly get it, others it still takes awhile or never does. I know where my strength comes from and give all credit to Heavenly Father as well as science, but without Him we wouldn’t have freewill or the concept of science. So, He shouldn’t be written off, He should get a standing ovation!


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