Social Media Comments Always Reveal The True Nature of Individuals

The world we live in is extremely, extremely complicated. It’s like everyday is Opposite Day. Being nice gets you nowhere, whereas calling names, fighting, etc gets applause and recognition. When something good does happen in the world and it’s shared on social media, someone or two or three will find the negativity in it. How is a bus driver who was fired for FB posting his concerns about a child who had no money for school lunch the focus of negative comments that eventually segue to “you’re liberal” and “you’re republican”. The issue is no longer what happened to good intentions of this man but pointing fingers at one another for political beliefs. It’s appalling and shameful, to say the least.

What I’ve come to understand for a long time now is that social media comments reveal the true nature of individuals. Being #introvertedlyhuman you tend to read behind the words and can see the person for real. People have grown so comfortable with being able to say what they want about anything that the comfort has now become audacity. They go for the meanest and most insensitive thing they can muster with impunity and what scares me is that they could be sitting next to you at work or wherever and have that same audacity to smile in your face! 

Christians are affected by social media outlets as well. They get sucked into the vortex of Internet courage too and it.comes off judgmental. I’m not going to lie, I was like that early in my Walk, but I’ve since changed when I caught myself always having something to say when a tragedy happened. Feeling like I had the answers, but I didnt. Instead of praying for those involved, I pointed fingers and I didn’t like that aspect about me. So, I stay mindful of my words or decline to comment if I don’t  agree. It’s quite simple.

One comment from a woman on an article for Delish about a Syrian refugee woman who was sharing a how-to recipe from her country, was not about her finding joy in sharing a little bit of herself but the comment was focused on the woman’s lack of dental hygiene. I and many others just wanted to try the food, but that woman commentor continued to spew senseless jokes at this poor woman’s expense whenever comments came to the refugee’s  defense. But what definitely got me was a comment from a man that said that the woman commentor was probably a Christian. I quickly wrote a response saying to not lump that insensitive woman with all Christians because she doesn’t exemplify true values. I was overwhelmed and done at that point because unfortunately I can’t come to defend Christianity to a negative world everytime there is a person who claims The Way but acts the total opposite. It’s too much. So what I do is police myself and my actions as much as possible and I keep this in mind: others are watching us for good examples and to point out our wrongs so be mindful.


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