Where Has The Fear of God Gone?

Last night I watched an interesting movie called Brimstone starring Dakota Fanning and Guy Pearce. The quick story is about a young midwife who is harrassed by a mysterious preacher, but there is so much more. And to say the least, the movie was very “deep”. I use the term “deep” because the story talks about many issues: love, independence, retribution etc. But the main subjects are religion and sexual abuse within its walls.  

The Reverend (played by Guy Pearce) moved his family and followers from the Netherlands to America during the 1800s to start a new version of a purer form of Christianity (first sign of trouble). His followers see him and his family in church but we see his home life and to say the least, is not Christian-like.  His wife is submissive but then essentially denies him of physical attention which he counters with a bible scripture to support his argument, or he embarasses her in front of the congregation, or beats her. His daughter can’t stand him or how her mother let’s him treat her, she herself wants to see the world he speaks so negatively about. 

Then the rabbit hole goes further and The Reverend behavior becomes stranger when he finds out his daughter has started her menses. Constantly impling that it her Godly duty to do a woman’s job, or watching her, the wife notices and does what she can within her power to keep his mind off their daughter.  One day she directly confronts him and he beats her for telling him the truth. The poor girl is at a loss once her mother dies and it’s her father’s joy, because now they’re alone. The girl runs away in the early morning hoping to get away from her life and start anew, but she is thrust into a life which was no different from the home life her father created for her. 

Without giving away the rest of the movie, I’ll start by addressing the one thing out of many that struck me – the concept of misconstruing The Word of God. The Reverend would preach to his congregation about how evil the world was, citing biblical quote after quote, his congregates nodding mindlessly, but he was practicing evil everyday. He gaslighted his wife into sleeping with him and would throw a bible verse to back it up when shw didn’t; he would watch his daughter salaciously and when his wife confronted him, he had a bible verse for that (but of course, he twisted those words around to justify what he was doing), he coerced his congregation into believing he was chosen to lead a purer form of Christianity in America by having two parishioners claim they had Holy visions of an angel. The list goes on…

After watching this movie and seeing the metamorphosis of these two abstract characters, I found myself asking God about the evil that lurks inside the hearts of men. I didn’t know how to ask, I just said it, hoping for some answer. The concept of evil especially with those who say they’re exacted it in the name of God, shows that they have no true fear of Him. The Reverend made a comment as such in the movie saying that he was past salvation so he could do as he wanted. The fact that he knew what he was doing and didn’t care, is what scared me. Being #introvertedlyhuman, this is what goes through my mind (this is one of the reasons why I won’t watch the news or read an Yahoo news article) when I hear all of these news stories about people hurting others. Alot of the time, they have no reason for doing what they did or they say because it was what they wanted. 

The Fear of God, our Creator is not present in this world anymore. We have to be mindful, brave, and spiritually strong when dealing with false prophets and just people period. I’m not saying we can’t trust, but dont put nothing past them either as my Granny likes to say. Know The Word for yourself so that you aren’t easily swayed by the cloth, or the vocabulary, or the knowledge. It’s up to us to discern where the message is coming from and what it truly entails. And if you’re not sure ask for God to help.you discern.


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