Empathy: The True Power of An Introverted Christian

The other evening as I laid in bed, putting my son to bed, I closed my eyes pretending to sleep so that he too could drift off. He played with his stuffed frog and babbled to himself (it takes awhile for him to wind down). My eyes closed, hoping he would soon follow suit, my mind began to run….and run…and run some more. “Oh no, tonight is one of those nights!”  I laid still hoping to not get him started, but unbeknownst to actively playing toddler next to me, my mind was busy fabricating scenarios from a sliver of a piece of information that may have popped up from nowhere. This mind game has been apart of being #introvertedlyhuman for me since I was young. Stress or being overly tired will bring this out and I could do it for hours, robbing me of a good night’s sleep.  When I was pregnant with my son, I slept constantly, but having since become pregnant this second time around, my mind has been running non-stop and it’s exhausting!  So much for catching a break after keeping up with a 2 year old all day, now I get to watch movies in my head!

But what I want to discuss is what I learned, well releaned, about myself the next day. One of the thoughts swirling through my brain happened to come from thinking about my son. My heart grew heavy for children who have suffered by the hands of those they love or trust. I thought back to the movie Brimstone and how the young woman felt when dealing with her monster of a father. I thought about 5 year old Shaniya Davis whose mother gave her to some guy to have his way with her, ultimately killing the little girl. All of these thoughts coupled with a heavy heart and spirit, began to cry and eventually sniffles and then tears came to mine.  I began to cry because I could hear my son’s babbling and think to myself “HOW?!” I pictured his face and then I put myself in Shaniya Davis’ shoes. I wondered: did she go to school?, even though her mother was a neglectful woman, did she excel or did her grades suffer from the stress of home?; On the fateful night, I felt her fear and knew she called for help that would never come, I know she cried. Tears rolled down my face and I refused to open my eyes when I felt my son stop playing and sit still. I knew he was studying me and wondering why is Mommy crying? But how can you explain spiritual empathy to a toddler? 

In the wee hours of the morning, I awoke from a strange dream about my son. In the dream he could astrally project himself to another part of our apartment. Sounds crazy, right? I saw our bedroom as in reality, my son in between my husband and I sleeping soundly. I suddenly jump up because I felt a rush out of the bedroom, my husband follows suit. Looking into the living room, my son playing in the patio window as if it were any normal day. Our dog is playfully wagging her tail because she sees the whole family up and about. I turn to look back at the bed and my son is laying in it, sleeping. We are confused, but then peace came over me as I realized that this strange occurrence is part of his gift. I explain to my husband and he seems fine with the answer. We go back to bed with my husband carrying the astral projection of my son and then we see his shell which is weak and his spirit begin to converge, but then I wake up in tears; asking God why am I crying so much. 

Later in the morning, I text my best friend telling him of my eventful night and he says “Ah, your empathy was high!”  My spiritual empathy was at its highest and I was receiving the frequency very clearly. As an introvert, we tend to think and put ourselves in other people’s shoes easily. We are highly intelligent individuals and as result are extremely tethered to the spiritual frequencies. We find it easy to meditate (when we can) and can hear the Voice of God or receive His Messages by studying nature. We can feel another person’s emotions or know when not to deal with a person we feel isnt in our best intetests. Being able to “read behind the lines” of slick talkers or backstabbers be it written or oral. This is the gift of intuition that introvertism brings to us. 

I used to hate the fact my brain ran all the time, but I learned in this past year that this is the gift that God has given me for a reason. I can touch people one at a time or pray fervently for any person in a loud silence that He can read and understand. Our hearts are what makes us great Children of God and we can do anything through Him by literally walking in His Shoes.


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