Dreaming in INFP: Part 3

Courtesy of Pixabay

It’s currently 2:49am…

I’ve just awoken from a dream:

Other stuff happened prior that I can’t remember maybe for lack of importance? Anyway…

I remember walking into the furniture store I used to work, coming across a former coworker, salesperson. This salesperson was leaving his section ( he didn’t see me), as I advanced upon his favorite chair, I see a pile of letters. The first letter on top was addressed to me from my Granny and it was opened(more than likely by him😲) Why he had my mail, I don’t know. I should report his ass!😉

Opening the already opened letter, my Granny wrote down all my Granddaddy’s clothes measurements (I wish I could remember the numbers, cuz not ashamed🙄 to admit I would be using them for the Powerball jackpot 😂😂😂) and enclosed a zipper from one of his pants. Weird, right?

Researching mail in dream interpretation, it says per dreammoods.com


To dream that receive mail indicates that you need to communicate or re-establish contact with someone from your present or past. It may also represent messages from your subconscious or intuition.

Charmed Chaos wrote a haiku yesterday about an Amaryllis. Sparking sense memory in me, her post helped me remember a woman I knew named Amarylis. When I was young and new to working an actual job, we worked together in Dunkin Donuts and became fast work friends. She was older than me, but we enjoyed one another’s company on our shift. I found out she was from Guatemala and she had the most adorable baby (He was so chunky😊😊) that she had to bring to work on a couple of occasions.

One situation that still sits with me happened on our shift. A privileged lady came in, ordered coffee (No weirdness there), she chatted briefly with Amarylis (still not weird), she rang her up -transaction done. Nope, not done. The lady told Amarylis she made her coffee wrong. Amarylis apologized but the lady wanted to argue about it. Unbeknownst to this lady, standing there unnoticed behind towers of cups, I heard what she said initially. Now, being condescending, she was saying what she supposedly told Amarylis to make initially. I intercepted. I made the corrected coffee while she was being a smart-ass and you know what? The lady got mad at me for helping Amarylis. She said to me “nobody asked you!” and stormed out.

Amarylis was puzzled, I was angry because I knew why that woman did what she did: it was racist, it was classist, and it was fucking ugly. Anyway, I eventually moved on from DD and I seen Amarylis one more time. She and her now toddling little boy with those chunky legs, were in Super Kmart (worst job ever in my life😣😣😣) and we waved to one another. I couldn’t catch up with her because I was on register, but I never saw her again because eventually I moved out of state.

The haiku made me think of her. I wonder if she and her son are still in the states or did they get separated like the so many enduring this atrocity now? But I’ll never know. I just pray wherever she is, she’s happy and okay.

I’m crying now 😭😭. The time is 3:40am, I’ll attempt to go back to sleep and who knows what else my subconscious will drag upward.


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